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  The Persing Review Home Study Workshop is available on downloadable audio files on this website or on CDs mailed directly to your home
 via USPS priority mail.


Listen to Gary Persing's 2-day comprehensive CRT/RRT Exam Review Workshop on audio files right from this

website or download them to your iPod, iPhone, etc.  You also print the eight practice exams that are similar to what

Gary provides at his workshop and then grade your exams while listening to his detailed answers to each question.

Much of the same material, explanations, test-taking tips and math short-cuts covered at Gary's workshop are

offered on the Home Study Workshop.  The eight exams (over 175 questions) cover patient assessment, ABG

interpretation, oxygen therapy, hyperinflation therapy, ventilator management, equipment decontamination and

troubleshooting, airway management and emergency procedures. Use Gary's popular exam review textbook

for further review and exam/clinical simulation practice.  Gary has updated his workshop materials to reflect the

most current NBRC Exam Content Matrix
for both the CRT and RRT examinations. 

The Home Study Workshop includes:

  • 10 hours of audio files, exams and Power Point slides, OR 11 professionally recorded CDs (10 hours), both  consisting of Gary's detailed explanations and review regarding each NBRC-like practice exam question

  • Bonus CD (with the CD program) which contains files to download and print the eight workshop exams and the accompanying  Power Point presentation.  The CD also contains a file of the lecture material that may be downloaded onto your iPOD or MP3 player 

  • Gary's popular textbook, Respiratory Care Exam Review, 3rd edition, Elsevier Publishing Company.  The book consists of 17 chapters of review material for both the CRT and RRT exams, practice questions before and after each chapter, two CRT practice exams and two RRT practice exams with explanations for all the correct answers.

The review textbook may be ordered by going to the "Contact" page on this website and clicking on the picture of the book.  You will be sent to the publisher's website where you can order the book at a 10% discount.

  • 11 practice clinical simulations with rationales for each selection (included in the exam review textbook)

  • Personalized Respiratory Review Workshops ink pen (with CD program)

The cost of the Home Study Workshop on audio files is $95 (not including the book).

The cost of the CD program is $125 (not including the book)
   This price includes USPS shipping.  Please allow five business days for delivery.

If registering for a workshop, the review materials will be emailed several days before the workshop. The exam review textbook will be distributed at the workshop.

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