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The Persing Review Has Been Updated To Cover All Sections Of The Current 2020 Therapist Multiple-Choice Exam Detailed Content Outline*.

*Use of the TMC exam content outline is with permission from the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC).

Respiratory Review Workshops, Inc., also referred to as The Persing Review, believes that the best way to prepare for the NBRC credentialing exams is by practicing exam questions and discussing the material related to each question. This workshop is very detailed and reviews material from all content areas of the NBRC TMC Exam Detailed Content Outline. Over 200 NBRC-like questions are administered in 10 exams that are grouped in sections according to the content outline assuring that all areas of the exam will be reviewed. Practice clinical simulations will also be completed and reviewed in detail. A 118-page exam study guide will be e-mailed to each participant.

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Workshop Information

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The Persing Review

The Persing Review is a comprehensive 2-day workshop to help review individuals for both the TMC Exam and Clinical Simulation Exam.

Gary Persing, BSRT, RRT, retired August 1, 2016 from Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, OK where he taught in the respiratory care program for 35 years. Gary has conducted review workshops since 1990 with over 100,000 students around the country using his review textbooks and attending his workshops to help in the preparation for these important exams. His review textbook, Respiratory Care Exam Review, 5th edition, 2020, published by Elsevier Publishing Company offers 17 chapters of review material for both the TMC and Clinical Simulation exams including two practice TMC exams and 20 practice clinical simulations. Explanations for all the correct answers are included. This textbook is included in the workshop fee ($99.95 value) and is updated to the current 2020 exam content outline for both exams. For more information about the book or to order it online, go to the Contact page and click on the book where you will be sent to the publisher's website.

Additional Workshop Faculty

Tonya Piehl


Tonya has taught in accredited respiratory therapy programs for over 25 years and is currently the program director at Weatherford College in Weatherford, TX. Tonya has conducted exam reviews with Respiratory Review Workshops for over 10 years. She has her own website, respiratoryhq.com, with multiple teaching videos to help those preparing for their NBRC board exams.

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