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" I am more than pleased with my experience.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone.  It has been very beneficial to me and the materials provided will certainly aid me in my preparation for the board exams.  The instructor presented the material in a manner that was easily comprehended."
- Kentucky

"This workshop is very beneficial.  It helped me recall old information.  I would highly recommend this workshop for students preparing to take either the TMC or Clinical Simulation exams.  The breakdown of the ABG values and ventilator settings was great!  Gary is an excellent instructor with complete knowledge of respiratory care."

- Florida

"I liked how the workshop was designed.  It was done very thoroughly and I know it will help me pass my NBRC exams.  I enjoyed going over all the questions.  They were very helpful.  I had attended another review program for the TMC exam and this review kept me more attentive.  The material was great."

- Virginia

"I liked taking the tests followed by the explanations because it helped me understand where I went wrong.  I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was definitely worth the time and money.  I really feel like it has helped me in preparation for the exams."



"I just wanted to thank Gary Persing for doing what he does. I would of never passed my exams if it was not for him. I recently attended a seminar at the school I graduated from. Two weeks after the seminar I took the RRT and passed it. I am very satisfied with his knowledge in Respiratory Care and I wanted to let him know that THANKS to him I no longer have to worry about the exam any more. Not only did I pass the RRT, but scored really high on the exam with all the steps he told me to take at the seminar. It was his book and seminar that made it possible for me to pass my exam. So once again, thanks to Gary Persing."
- Florida

"I liked how we covered material that took two years in only two days.  Although there is a lot of material being covered, I didn't feel so overwhelmed.  The instructor was excellent.  He took time to explain all the important aspects of the test. It was nice to have the material broken down so it was easier to comprehend."

New Jersey


"Thank you for the time and consideration you have put into the program.  I feel great about the information that you covered and I'm many times more confident in my test taking skills.  Again, thank you."
- Texas

"Taking the practice tests were effective.  It was good to see how the NBRC may word their questions and learning what the NBRC wants as opposed to what we were taught.  I had previously attended another review program--this was a much more detailed process.  I enjoyed it a lot."

- New York

"I loved the practice exams.  I think that was a much more beneficial way to teach the class than just reading the book to us.  Great class, well worth the money spent!!"

- Nebraska

"The workshop was very informative and detailed. A lot of my questions and concerns were answered.  The instructor has a great personality and is very knowledgeable."
- Texas

"Gary has an excellent workshop and is a fine Christian man. I passed my exams with no problem after his instruction. Anyone needing a review should attend his seminar. Thanks for the help."

Tom from Colorado


I attended the Persing review course and found it very helpful when taking my boards. The course is very beneficial because he goes over everything in two days and makes everything come together. He also taught me quicker ways to read PFTs which was very helpful when taking my TMC exam.

- Arizona

I just want to say that you were 100x better and more detailed than the other review program that I attended! I seriously wasted my money with them! I wish I would have known about your workshop before I graduated. I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH !

- Texas

It was organized so well and Tonya taught us fast and easy ways to solve equations. I feel much more confident about the clinical simulations as well! Thank you so much!

- Illinois

Tonya was amazing! She's very knowledgeable and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. Concepts I had questions about were explained and areas where I'm weak are much more clear. She helped determine where I need to study more prior to the TMC exam.

- Texas

Tonya is a great instructor! The workshop was a great way to get to the "nitty gritty" of what is needed for the NBRC exams.

- Colorado